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home and figure out what they will do and the relationship they will have with the united states and control radical islamism in their country. >> congressman allen west will join us for tomorrow for a special edition of justice. definitely the question is, be those governments control the radical islamist. good evening, ambassador. >> good tock with you. >> ambassador, why is this happening? >> i think what is been going across the middle east for the several yearings has been a wave of radical islamism. a high loo politicizing version of an extreme interpretation of the muslim religion and it is it gaining force it most vividly in the terrorist actions that hes bollah and hamas. and we see it as the 18 months of what some people thought was arab spring. it was not a democracy movement and may have been against the rulers in libya and tunisia and else where. but it was not for a swift democracy. the proof is in the streets that's threat we face. >> this is it a country we help tod liberate. benghazi is a city that we defended. how could we not have known that based on the instan
money. they ended baseball across the united states, a fact i can't substantiate. concerning how many children you have, how many father-daughter dances do you regularly attend during the year? >> i have been banned from them. apparently you are not supposed to ask other father-daughters if you can cut in. >>> that is frowned upon. i thought i was being charming, but not so much. >> tierney of the few is a great night for a book. that is coming up in 59 days. it is repressive tolerance that means if if you president what everybody to be happy, no one can have anything. >> when everyone gets a medal, nobody wins. >> it is a horrible thing. >> they will shutdown like a war memorial with a cross on it because it offends them. you are taking that from all of those other people. >> it is a level of selfishness. you are now because of that taking away anen tire -- you a way an entire tradition. >> you should ban it not because of any aclu things. the father-daughter thing is weird. it is a little odd. >> no, it is not. >> when you are a dad you spend more time with your son because he likes
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)